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Driving Tour & Guide to Blackstone Canal Historic Markers
, produced by the National Park Service in conjunction with Worcester Historical Museum.

Historical Maps

The following historical maps are available from the collections of Worcester Historical Museum:

Worcester in 1795

Worcester in 1829

Worcester in 1840

Worcester in 1848

These original historical maps record the evolution of Worcester illustrating its development and transportation systems. Please note that a series of maps can also be accessed in the curriculum section. Unit Six, "Working with Maps," include the maps listed above, as well as a current map of the Blackstone River Valley (Worcester-to-Providence), and a satellite image of Worcester (1995) with an overlay of the canal winding through the city.

In Unit Six of the curriculum, these historical maps have been redrawn to aid the students' comprehension. In other words, students can download the redrawn maps and literally lay them on top of one another to more readily see how the city evolved from a small agricultural village to a growing city. Questions are provided to help lead the students' observations of how the city has changed.

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