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Quilts: Practical Pieces
The story of New England quilts—from the province of colonial elites to common household items to treasured museum pieces—is tied to international trade, industrial development, shifting cultural values, and changing tastes. New England quilters today replicate designs from the past or use the traditional form as a starting point for their own artistic expression. The exhibit highlights quilts from the collection as well as loaned pieces that show a new direction for quilting in the age of technology.

City of Diversity – Expanding our Footprint in the City
Friday, August 3, 10AM-4PM, WHM and Salisbury Mansion
Come and join us for the excitement of Free Fun Friday sponsored by the Highland Street Foundation. Worcester has many remarkable people living in its neighborhoods. Hear the stories of how various cultural groups came to Worcester and prospered. And learn some of the unique and beautiful traditions from each that makes up the fabric of Worcester. Guests can also work their way through our maze of Worcester and try their hand at quilting with paper.

STORIES THEY TELL – Ongoing: Come see artifacts from the WHM collection and learn the story of the people behind them.

IN THEIR SHIRTSLEEVES – Ongoing: A look at Worcester’s role in innovation and industry from the city’s beginnings to today.

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